How We Help


Feel secure knowing that your pharmacy can fill every Workers’ Comp prescription without the risk of non-payment.

Our solution is a game changer for retail and mail-order pharmacies. Allow us to drive the profitability of your Workers’ Comp claims while you focus on patient care. Our billing platform allows you to transmit your Workers’ Comp claims directly from your pharmacy software to ours in a seamless and convenient way. MDRx maximizes the economic potential of each claim to ensure that all due revenue is captured. Let our experienced collection team and customized software handle all the paperwork, phone calls, and headaches of reimbursement.

Workers’ Comp prescription claims can now improve your pharmacy’s bottom line in a meaningful way.

  • MDRx works directly with Workers’ Comp payers and bills in accordance with your state fee schedule. Our technology and experienced team allow us to effectively navigate the obstacles of the Workers’ Comp reimbursement process.
  • MDRx makes Workers’ Comp prescriptions a viable revenue source for the independent pharmacy.
  • MDRx is aligned with pharmacy owners. If our clients are not compensated, neither are we.
  • MDRx is not affiliated with any Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), ensuring that we have the pharmacy owner’s best interest in mind.
  • MDRx bills in accordance with your state fee-schedule to get you the reimbursement that carriers are legally obligated to pay – no more/no less

MDRx provides pharmacies with two distinct options for handling your Workers’ Comp Claims…

  1. Claims Purchasing
  2. Comprehensive Pharmacy Billing
    Our comprehensive pharmacy billing service will manage all aspects of the revenue cycle…
    • Provider Credentialing and Enrollment
    • Claims Processing
    • Business Analytics and Reporting
    • Denial Management
    • Revenue Integrity Assurance
    • Claim Audits
    • Accounts Receivables Follow-Up and Optimization